We offer tours for beginners as well as more experienced riders. The tours are rated by their degree of difficulty to enable you to choose a trip that best suits your riding ablity.
Please read about the of difficulty ratings below.

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Guide to difficulty rating

* 1
You have no experience in riding a motorcycle on a gravel road or similar surface but can ride your motorcycle safely in traffic.

* 2
You have limited experience of riding dirt roads and can ride a motorcycle for more than 6 hours / day.

* 3
You have some experience of riding your motorcycle through sand and mud while standing on the footpegs.

* 4
You can get downhill and climb steep slopes, including hills with more challenging surfaces such as deep wheel tracks and loose stones.

* 5
You have great motorcycle experience for example exercised / contested in enduro, motocross or the like and you feel comfortable riding what ever condition the road or track are in.