*Fill out the form and submit your application
*As confirmation that your request has been received, you will receive a reply by email, where you will also receive instructions on how to pay the registration fee.
*Once the registration fee has been received, you will receive a confirmation that you have been notified and an invoice will be sent by e-mail.
*The registration fee is deducted from the final payment.


* The traveler must have a valid driver's license for his motorcycle during the trip.
* The traveler must have valid insurance for the motorcycle used during the trip.
* The traveler shall provide personal insurance himself.
* The traveler provides a self-propelled motorcycle, which should be offroad model due to the fact that the trips mostly go on gravel roads.
* It is the traveler's responsibility that proper protective equipment is used during the trip. The packing list on the website is just a suggestion and recommendation for the traveler.
* The traveler is required to comply with the travel instructions provided by the tour operator or by another person who MotoAdventureSwe hires. The traveler is obliged to respect the rules of travel applicable to the trip and on the journey and to act so that fellow travelers or others are not disturbed. MotoAdventureSwe may terminate the agreement if the passenger violates this in a material way.

1. The agreement.
1.1 The agreement is binding on the parties when MotoAdventureSwe has confirmed the traveler's order in writing and the traveler has agreed upon the agreed payment within the agreed period.

2. Payment of the price of the trip.
2.1 The passenger shall pay the travel price by the date stated in the agreement.

2.2 For MotoAdventureSwe travel, the final payment for the trip must be made no later than 10 days before departure, unless otherwise agreed.

2.3 If the passenger does not pay the travel price in accordance with the agreement, MotoAdventureSwe has the right to cancel the agreement.

3. The traveler's right to cancel the trip.
3.1 Travelers are entitled to cancel the trip as follows.

3.1.1 If cancellation takes place earlier than 30 days prior to departure, a fee will be charged corresponding to the registration fee.

3.1.2 If cancellation is made thereafter, but earlier than 15 days before departure, for payment of a cost corresponding to 50% of the price of the trip.

3.1.3 Should the cancellation be made within 15  days prior to departure, the traveler shall pay the full fare.

3.1.4 The traveler may transfer the agreement to anyone who meets all the conditions for taking part in the trip. The passenger must inform MotoAdventureSwe of the transfer in due time before departure.

3.2 After cancellation, the amount due by the traveler shall be refunded without delay.

4. MotoAdventureSwe and the traveler's right on cancellation of the trip.
4.1 MotoAdventureSwe is entitled to cancel the trip with too few registered travelers or in case of any travel agent's eventual illness or in case of force majeure that MotoAdventureSwe can not afford.

4.2 If the trip is canceled, MotoAdventureSwe will refund the full amount paid by the traveler to MotoAdventureSwe.

4.3 If the tour leader is prevented from completing a journey, MotoAdventureSwe does not guarantee that the travel program will be completed. If such happens, MotoAdventureSwe will bring in a new tour leader as soon as possible. Any financial commitments of MotoAdventureSwe that can not be met due to the absence of a tour operator during a certain period of the trip will be refunded to the traveler by MotoAdventureSwe.

4.4 Travelers who, for reasons independent of MotoAdventureSwe, can not complete the journey, disclaim MotoAdventureSwe from liability.

5. The traveler's right of cancellation under particularly unfortunate circumstances.
5.1 In the cases specified in sections 5.1.1 - 5.1.3, the traveler is entitled to cancel the journey free of charge.

5.1.1 If the traveler or close relative (spouse / cohabitant, immediate family) suffer from acute illness, accident or death.

5.1.2 If a fellow traveler, who together with the traveler has ordered travel to the same destination, is suffering from acute illness, accident or death.

5.1.3 In the case of another event, the traveler will be affected after the agreement has become binding and if the event is of such an interference to the traveler that it is not reasonable to require the traveler to complete the trip. The passenger should not be able to advise on the event and be aware of or disregard this when the trip is ordered. Such an incident is, for example, a fire in your own home or that the motorcycle is stolen.

5.2 The passenger shall cancel the trip as soon as possible after the cause of cancellation has occurred. The reason for cancellation must be validly certified with medical certificate. MotoAdventureSwe does not compensate for costs incurred due to the cancellation of the traveler.

6. MotoAdventureSwe's right to decide that traveler should cancel the trip.
6.1 MotoAdventureSwe is entitled to discontinue the traveler's participation, without refund of all payment paid for the trip, if a passenger acts negligently at risk for his or her own life while driving his motorcycle. Some other financial claims against MotoAdventureSwe can not be set in terms of the emerging situation.

6.2 If a traveler rides his/her motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, MotoAdventureSwe has the right to cancel the traveler's participation, without refund of all payment paid for the trip. Some other financial claims against MotoAdventureSwe can not be set in terms of the emerging situation.

Use of pictures and videos.
*MotoAdventureSwe uses images and movies from the advertising, Facebook, website and other travel sites. It is up to the traveler to inform MotoAdventureSwe before departure if the traveler does not want to be identified in these contexts.

Special circumstances
*Travels with MotoAdventureSwe usually occur in sparsely populated areas, on difficult roads and with poor mobile phone coverage. Hence, situations outside MotoAdventureSwe's control including sudden changes in weather and contact with wildlife can occur.
*MotoAdventureSwe carries tools for easy repairs such as punctures, but it is up to every traveler to bring tools and equipment to keep his or hers motorcycle rolling.
*In cases where a motorcycle can not continue the journey due to engine failure or other irrepairable problems, MotoAdventureSwe tries to help in the best possible way. Hire of motorcycle to continue the journey can not be offered, but transport of motorcycle and driver may in some cases be possible, however it is not guaranteed!
*MotoAdventureSwe have the right to change the route during the trip if considered best for the group


Motoadventureswe uses the general travel conditions agreed between the Travel Organizers Association in Sweden and the Consumer Agency and has issued statutory travel guarantee at Kammarkollegiet.